Behind the alias [ingentinget] stands the Swedish artist Heidi Edström who for the last seven years has been working with lumps, or “knölar” as they are called in the Swedish language. The lump is something that stands out, something different that interrupts anything otherwise flat and homogeneous. But it is also something that we often try to erase from our lives in a craving for perfection. Heidi has a background in physical theatre and has a passion for dance and choreography. She’s exploring the border between our modern constructed life and a more basic, primal way to view once body, how to be human in todays society. Heidi is a cofounder of the performance art collective Knölkollektivet.


Cumbersome dough27 June 2018, (with Knölkollektivet) curated by Elizabeth Coleman-Link, Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt am Main.22 November 2017 (with Knölkollektivet), Pianobar, Ulvsunda Bastusällskap, Stockholm.
3 June 2017 Klubb 8 at mmmmm by Lidelsen
26 March 2017, (with Knölkollektivet) at Supermarket Art Fair.
17&18/3 - 2015 at Supermarket Art Fair.
12,14&16/10 - 2013 Performance Art In Norrbotten (PAIN).
13/12 - 2013 STOFF at Dance <3 Stockholm.
19/9 - 2012 Unga Klara.

Remake reshape
14,15&16/8 - 2014 Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF)
2/7 - 2014 Sopot Fringe Festival
27/3 - 2013  STOFF recidency at Centrum for Contemporary Art (CCA) Tibilisi

16/10 - 2013 Performance Art In Norrbotten (PAIN)

21-24/8 - 2013 Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF)

Arctic Ocean
24/2 - 2013 Brunnsviks Folkhögskola

Covering and cracking up
15/10 - 2016  Peformance Art Links ***Hej Hej PALS!***

In your face
5/10 - 2016 Stockholm Fringe Fest (STOFF)

Conforming purge
21&25/10 - 2015 Stockholm Fringe Fest (STOFF)

Chew on24/2 - 2013 Love Triangle microResidencies at Gallery Candyland
8/8 - 2013 Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF)
1/6 - 2013  BrunnsvikArt exhibition at Folkets hus, Ludvika
27/3 - 2013 STOFF recidency at Centrum for Contemporary Art (CCA) Tibilisi
23/1 - 2013 Young STOFF at Fryshuset, Stockholm 

Penal labour
17/7 - 2018 TF18, London's Biennial Festival of International Performance Art and Noise.
25/5 - 2018 at Klubb 8, Debaser Hornstull by Lidelsen.
23/8 - 2012 Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF).

16/2-2011 Brunnsviks Folkhögskola

Searching for the perfect lump
2011-Ongoing Everyvere


29 June 2018, curated by Elizabeth Coleman-Link, Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt am Main.

Nugget12-15 April 2018, curated by Kunstverein Familie Montez - Frankfurt am Main, Supermarket Art Fair 2018, Stockholm.

Tell Me More
12-14 April 2018, Supermarket Art Fair 2018, Stockholm.

 The Pond
3 February 2018, Project V, Tårnby Public Space, Copenhagen.
22 November 2017, Pianobar, Ulvsunda Bastusällskap, Stockholm.

Fågelskit14 January 2018, temporary art piece, Ulvsunda Bastusällskap, Ulvsunda, Stockholm.

Online Residency/Gallery
1-8 November 2017, Curator: Antoine&Amanda, The Sunk3n place, The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale.

30 September 2017: Ulvsunda Bastusällskap, Mossutsällningars Marknad & Gala, Stockholm.

(Examine Your Zipper Pretty Darn Quick)
5&8  September 2017: STOFF Stockholm Fringe Festival, Stockholm.
March 2017: Pilot performance at Notre Salon by Antonie & Amanda, Stockholm.

5 April 2018, Torsdagsklubben, Strindbergs Intima Teater, Stockholm.
5 Augusti 2017: Paradiso 9, Unga Tur, Stockholm.
May 2017: En vecka i maj, Teater Tribunalen, Stockholm.


September 2017: Performer, Hear, Benjamin Vandewalle and Yoann Durant, MDT, Stockholm.

May 2017: Scenography, Det Landar Båtar Vid Vår Strand, Spångs Orkester, Frida Spång, Moment:Teater, Stockholm.

2016-Ongoing  Digital designer at We are ÖPPET (design agency)

2016 Performance Program Curator Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF)


2013-2017 Kristianstad University Sweden: Bachelor Program in Digital Design

2010-2011 + 2013 VT Brunnsvik Folk High School: Experimental art education

2009-2010 Jakobsberg Folk High School: Basic art education

2006-2009 Stockholm Esthetic Gymnasium: Theatre program


2018 VT Studiefrämjandet: Butoh

2017 VT Studiefrämjandet: Butoh 

2017 (7,5p) Stockholm University of the Arts: Artistic deepening in Site-Specific

2016 Improvisation studio in Stockholm; Mime, spacework, stage 1&2

2016-Ongoing Stockholm Students IF: Acrobatics

2015 VT Studiefrämjandet: Butoh

2013 VT Sensus studieförbund: Mime, stage 1

2012 HT Skeppsholmen Folk High School: Free writing

2010 Danscenter: Modern dance