Performance art

Chew on!

Material in focus: Chewing gum
Duration: 1-3 hours

Chew on! Is a durational performance art piece that origniated as a way to analyse my own strong negative reactions and feelings when people are chewing chewing gum as I'm suffering from misophonia. In the performance, I’m standning infront of a video camera and a microphone,  chewing a big chewing gum for several hours. The sound of the chewing are filling the room, amplified through loudspeakers. The image of my chewing mouth is enlarged and projected on the wall beside me. At the end of the performance I’m thaking out the chewing gum and placing it on the wall.


Performed at:

Love Triangle microResidencies at Candyland (Stockholm, Sweden) 26/10-2013

Stockholm Fringe Fest (STOFF) at House of culture (Stockholm, Sweden) 8/8-2013

Brunnsvik art, graduation exhibition at Folketshus (Ludvika, Sweden) 1/7-2013

Stockholm Fringe Fest residency at CCA Tibilisi (Tibilisi, Georgia) 27/4-2013

Young STOFF Festival at Fryshuset (Stockholm, Sweden) 24/2-2013