/ a yellow flag (q) / (2022)
a sickly spá ritual surrounded by verious sculptures, objects and a sound ment to heal and manifest money.

Konstfack Spring Exhibition 2022:


/ it was not iron deficiency. just a faint hiss. an insignificant leak in the heart. / (2022)
sculpture out of forged metal sheets, resting on a silicone sheet

BFA Solo show at Konstfack 2022:

/ instant health I / (2022)
Performance during my BFA solo show
(/ˈmjuːkəs/ MEW-kəs) / (2022)
sculpture out of flocked and vacuumed shaped plastic in a steel frame and clamps  
/ probably something perfectly normal / (2020-2022) 
water filled sculptures out of vacuumed shapes plastic in steel frame
The project / a yellow flag (q) / has been shown in two diffrent versions at my BFA solo at Konstfack (2022) and at the Konstfack Spring Exhibition (2022).