Heidi Edström is a performance - and visual artist born in Luleå 1990 and based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work is centered around an ongoing investigation under the constant working title ’The Search for the perfect lump(2010 - and onwards).

This lump could be something irregular that gently disrupts us and any dreams we might have had of predictability and perfection. The lump could be a reminder of the things that we cannot control; mistakes, accidents, illness, death, the piece of chewing gum stuck under you chair, or a looming shadow — maybe from a slowly approaching asteroid that may collide with Earth at any moment now.

In her work Heidi aims to create a warped atmosphere that take the viewer into an uncertain borderland between the recognizable, and a distorted reality that is lumpy and absurd. Loosening up the barriers between the inside and the outside, the disgusting and the beautiful, the sick and the healthy, the small and the big.

She has a background in theater, and a deep interest in dance, larp, role-playing and science fiction literature. In addition to their own artistic practice, she is also a member of the punk/performance band Kulturprofilerna and active in the artist-run associations Best Before Collective and Fylkingen.